Fiddler Crab Celuca pugilator Transcriptome Analysis: Ecdysteroid Control of Limb Regeneration

Analyses of Fiddler Crab Limb Bud Regneration via Next Generation Sequencing and cDNA Clonal Analyses

The sequencing projects described on the links below are part of an ongoing effort to help us understand what genes and gene networks respond to changes in ecdysteroid titers in crustaceans, and how stage-specific changes in patterns of circulating ecdysteroids are involved in the limb regeneration process.

We have recently conducted pilot sequencing projects using both 454 and Illumina technologies. Thusfar, stage-specific RNAseq databases have been constructed and analyzed from early blastemas, and from early and late proecdysial growth; collections were staged based on limb bud morphology, growth rate, and circulating ecdysteroid titers.

The cDNA clone and 454 sequencing data have been placed on GenBank. The newer Illumina data is currently only available from this site. Data will be uploaded to GenBank following annotation.

For access to the new RNAseq data using NGS technologies, and older data derived from clonal analyses, click on the images below.

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