Fiddler Crab Celuca pugilator Transcriptome Analysis: Ecdysteroid Control of Limb Regeneration

454 Data

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We have generated over 46,700 cDNA sequences from an early blastemal stage and over 57,000 cDNA sequences from a late proecdysial stage in Celuca pugilator on the 454/Roche GS-FLX using the Titanium chemistry. Libraries were generated by the Durica laboratory at the University of Oklahoma, Department of Biology, Norman, Oklahoma and sequenced at the Advanced Center for Genome Technology (AGCT) at OU.

Obtaining 454 sequence data via ftp

The 454 cDNA sequence data we have obtained to date is available from our ftp site directly, through the links below, or by by anonymous ftp to (logon as anonymous with password your e-mail address), cd to /pub/fiddlercrab to get the data files

  • Fiddler crab early blastemal cDNA Sequencing Data via ftp
  • Fiddler crab late proecdysial cDNA Sequencing Data via ftp
  • Fiddler crab the combined Sequencing Data via ftp


    Should you find this data useful and wish to reference it, please acknowledge Ruihua Shi, Liping Zhou, Fares Najar, Hongshing Lai, Bruce Roe in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Sunetra Das and David Durica in the Department of Biology at the University of Oklahoma. This work was funded in part by by a grant from the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (HR08-023) to David Durica.

    If possible, please send us both the literature citation once published, and a copy of the manuscript.

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