Neisseria gonorrhoeae Genome Sequencing
Strain FA 1090

One contiguous sequence 2,153,922 bp, GenBank Acc. No. AE004969

On 08-02-00 one contiguous sequence was obtained when the final gaps in the sequence were closed. This sequence now is at HTGS phase 3 and annotation is underway. On 09-18-00 the sequence was circularized and then manually linearized to begin at the DNA-A gene.

This joint project being completed as a collaboration between our laboratory at the University of Oklahoma, Norman Campus's Advanced Center for Genome Technology, in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, which is funded in part by an NSF EPSCoR grant, and Dr. Dave Dyer's laboratory in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. This project is funded by USPHS NIH grant #AI38399.

Neisseria gonorrhoeae Genome Sequencing Progress

Sequence Annotation

In collaboration with Evgeni Selkov and Ross Overbeek at Argonne National Labs, we now are providing a WIT2 analysis of the potential reading frames and an overview of the Neisseria gonorrhoeae metabolic pathways.

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Obtaining the sequence data via ftp

All of our shotgun sequence data is available via ftp (see below).

  • Obtaining the Neisseria gonorrhoeae Sequencing Data via ftp

  • If instead, you would rather ftp this file directly, you can ftp to (logon as anonymous with password your e-mail address). Read the 00readme file in the ftp directory to determine which files you are interested in.

    Clone Availability

  • The Neisseria gonorrhoeae - Strain FA 1090 sequenced, has been submitted to the ATCC and given accession number ATCC 700825.
  • At the present time, none of the shotgun clones are available for distribution.

    Literature Reference Describing Strain being sequenced

  • J.F. Dempsey, W. Litaker, A. Madhure, T.L. Snodgrass, J.G. Cannon. 1991. Physical map of the chromosome of Neisseria gonorrhoeae FA1090 with locations of genetic markers, including opa and pil genes. J. Bacteriol. 173: 5476-5486

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    Should you find this data useful and wish to reference it, please acknowledge the work by including the following in the Acknowledgments section of your manuscript.

    We acknowledge the Gonococcal Genome Sequencing Project supported by USPHS/NIH grant #AI38399, and B.A. Roe, L. Song, S. P. Lin, X. Yuan, S. Clifton, Tom Ducey, Lisa Lewis and D.W. Dyer at the University of Oklahoma. The GenBank accession number for the completed Neisseria Gonorrhoeae genome is AE004969 and this link gives the GenBank sequence file containing the sequence as deposited into GenBank.

    Dave Dyer,

    Bruce Roe,

    If possible, please send us both the literature citation once published, and a copy of the manuscript.

    Thanks, Bruce Roe, Lin Song, ShaoPing Lin, XiLing Yuan, Sandy Clifton, Tom Ducey, Lisa Lewis and Dave Dyer.
    The University of Oklahoma, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Norman, Oklahoma 73019 and The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73190

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