Putting new ringtones onto an iPhone


  1. Boomer Sooner!! as an example.


  1. iLife 08 be sure that Garage Band is updated to at least 4.1.1


  1. Drag any audio file (mp3 but not wav format) into the Garage Band window.


  1. Then, select a cycle region up to 40 cycles in length by clicking
on cycle region next to the fast forward button and  selecting
the area for ring tone. 


  1. With BoomerSooner the entire song fits
nicely so drag the region to cover the entire song.


  1. You can get Boomer Sooner by right clicking (or on a Mac, holding down the "option" key and clicking on the link here - Boomer-Sooner.mp3 or if you want to import it directly into iTunes as a ringtone, right click or option click on this link - Boomer-Sooner.m4r 


  1. Then, under Share Area - choose "send ring tones to iPhone"


  1. Once this is finished open the iPhone and go to:

Settings: Sounds: Ringtone

   There you should see the new ringtone listed under "Custom"


That's about it...


--b.roe 02-24-08