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Enter Pre-assembled data

This allows assembly of a single contig of data that has already been assembled. Possible uses of this include inputting data assembled by another algorithm, or copying data from one gap database to another. No alignments are performed and no checks are made on the validity of the data being assembled, so it is possible that invalid data could cause database inconsistencies. A database consistency check is automatically performed at the end of assembly. We suggest that you make a backup of your database before using this option so that any inconsistencies can be simply remedied. A less satisfactory solution would be to immediately disassemble all the readings entered.

This option requires the use of PC, SE, ON and AV experiment file identifiers. Without these the readings will be rejected.

In the future this option maybe removed as the functionality is duplicated by the more flexible (and newer) "Directed Assembly" option. See section Directed Assembly.


The list of readings to assemble is read from a file named in "Input readings from" which can be selected with the aid of a file browser.

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