Here is a listing of several suppliers that we are using and you may not be aware of.

For the Taquenase DNA polymerase, Klentaq1 DNA Polymerase altered
 to contain the F667Y Tabor-Richardson mutation:

	ScienTech Corp
	2730 Watson Road
	St. Louis, MO 63139
	Tel: 1-800-645-0089
	Fax: 314 645-0177


	Wayne M. Barnes, Ph.D.
	Dept. Biochemistry 8231
	Washington Univ. Med.School
	4566 Scott Avenue
	St. Louis, Missouri 63110 USA
	Tel: 314 362-3351
	Fax: 314 362-7183  or -3350

For borosilicate glass plates for the ABIs
 (both 373's and 377's +/- stretch liners)
 the supplier we use is:

	Sooner Scientific, Inc.
	P.O. Box 180
	Garvin, OK 74736
	Tel: 405 286-9408
	Fax: 405 286-7047
	Jerry Coffey, President

For Nebulizers (IPI #4101) used in shearing plasmid, cosmid, BAC, and
other DNA for shotgun cloning:

	IPI Medical Products
	3217 No. Kilpatrick
	Chicago, IL 60641
	Tel: 773 777-0900
	Walter Levine, President
  Be sure to tell them that these devices are:

For plastics we use:

	For cell growth - 96 well block (Beckman #140504) with cover
          (PolyFiltronics #00-04-0006, phone 617 878-1133)
	For filtering - Millipore filter plate (#MADVN6510)
	For pipet tips - Robbins Scientific seems to give us the best price.

Bruce Roe,